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The Right Way To Pull Off Denim In The Office

Is denim an okay option as we head back into the office?

Pre-COVID denim was considered by most a little too casual for the office. However, once we experienced our first lockdown and adapted to working from home, we also adapted our view on ‘work attire’.

Hello track pants.

The pandemic softened our view towards tracksuit bottoms, elevating them to the go-to work-from-home trouser. The comfy thing we needed to get us through an uncomfy time.

As we return to the office, it seems that the sweatpants have not had the same invitation. Thankfully bosses seem to be willing to meet us halfway.

Hello denim.

We saw more jeans in the office with the popularity of casual Fridays before to COVID-19, but after working from home during lockdown, many men are now unwilling to trade their jeans for pants.

Is denim an okay option as we head back into the office?

Well, one Melbourne designer thinks so, as long as you opt for a streamlined look when choosing jeans.

“Everyone stopped wearing suits in lockdown and wanted to get comfortable in their sweatpants,” says Melbourne menswear designer Christian Kimber.

“Now that they are returning to work, no one is asking for suiting. It’s all about soft tailoring and comfort, which now includes denim.”

Kimber, the 2019 National Designer of the Year, has made a name for himself by translating the casual elegance of Italian menswear into Australian corporate sets.

Christian Kimber recommends a few tips for making sure your jeans are office appropriate. He recommends a higher rise at the front, and a denim that looks and feels more like a trouser.

You want them to be comfy like lockdown sweats, but client ready.

Guess that means an oversized pair of Fubus are out of the question.