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The Reason Why You Should Never Flush The Toilet With The Lid Up

Leaving the seat up, flushing with the lid up, there is so much etiquette to toilets! But experts reveal a disturbing reason why you should never flush with the lid up.

Scientist Dr Karl shared on TikTok a reminder for why you should never flush the toilet with the seat up.

Stating that “a polluted plume of bacteria and water vapour just erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl”.

And some of that bacteria could even - wait for it - settle on your toothbrush, if your toilet is in the same room. 

“So if you flush with the toilet lid up, you could be brushing your teeth with toilet water.”

According to a review of studies published by the American Journal of Infection Control, it’s clear that flushing your toilet with the lid wide open can threaten potential risks.

 The specific act is called “toilet plume aerosols,” which occurs during flushing. 

However, it is only an issue when the toilet contains faeces or vomit; the flush can produce potentially infectious aerosols that will live in your bathroom for hours.

Scientists concluded that ‘toilet plume’ was related to airborne transmission of norovirus, SARS and pandemic influenza.

So if you share your home with housemates or even family members who are unwell, it’s particularly important to keep that lid down!