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The Queen’s Palace Now Sells A Perfume For Dogs Because No Stinky Corgis Are Allowed

Who knew the Queen was such an entrepreneur? Her Majesty's new canine fragrance, named 'Happy Hounds Dog Cologne' has been released, costing just £9.99.

It’s well known that Queen Elizabeth is a dog lover and particularly fond of Corgis. So, of course, she could not have her dogs smelling anything other than fresh and clean in the palace. 

Developed by a local Norfolk-based business, Norfolk Natural Living, the cologne is exclusively sold at the visitor gift shop at the royal Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

The dog cologne is scented like a ‘coastal walk’ and comes packaged in a see-through 200ml bottle, embellished with the crown symbol, and features a spray-top nozzle for spritzing over freshly-washed dogs.