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The Queen Is Having A Week Off Due To Medical Reasons

After A Busy Calendar The Queen Needed Some Time Off

Queen Elizabeth II has cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland citing medical reasons. The late notice cancellation comes on the back of a busy week of events for the Queen who was supposed to head over and meet members of the community at Hillsborough and attend a service alongside Boris Johnson.

Now, for you or me, we might do anything we could to get out of having to sit anywhere near BoJo, but that’s not the Queen’s way. She does not take her duties lightly, and the decision to cancel an official visit would have only been done if it was necessary.

The official statement said that The Queen has “reluctantly accepted medical advice for rest for the next few days.” It’s unclear whether or not the Queen needs a stat dec to cover this sort of thing. Does the Queen still get sick leave? How’s that work? Who would she even submit that too if she had to?

It hasn’t been made public what the medical reasons for the cancellation are but we know that it’s not COVID related. The Queen is fully vaccinated and possibly, due to her age, has had a booster shot as well.

In the last week The Queen visited Wales, attended Champions Day at Ascot, met with the Governor General of New Zealand in an online meeting, and greeted a couple of ambassadors to the country. No wonder she’s exhausted. We’re all getting tired even just thinking about the idea of having to go to a picnic, let alone meet the Ambassador for Japan. And we’re not 95.

“She has been busy – busier than perhaps we might have expected her to be. So, given her age, it’s not a great surprise that there will be short-notice cancellations or postponements.” Joe Little told the Guardian. Joe is the managing editor of Majesty magazine. It really limits the scope of what you can talk about when you name your publication Majesty magazine. Hardly likely to find a write up about how Squid Game is taking the world by storm in there. Unless Prince William writes a review of it, perhaps.

There shouldn’t be any reason to worry about that this means for Queen Elizabeth’s health. She is in great shape, especially considering that whole “is 95” thing about her. As we all give ourselves permission to order UberEats and not cook because it’s 2021 and we deserve a break, we can all probably agree that after working non-stop for so long the Queen’s earned a week off as well.