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The Optical Illusion We Can’t Figure Out. Six Women And Only Five Sets Of Legs 🤯

Ok so, usually, optical illusions are fun for a good 10 seconds. But this one has us baffled.

Everyone couple of weeks, we are presented with a new optical illusion that's blowing the internet's mind. It's fun for a few seconds before you work it out and move on with your life.   

But this one has us at The Project stumped, along with the internet. In the photo, six friends have gathered for a chill' jeans and leather jacket' party, in the man cave of someone's house. Of course, did it happen if it's not on the gram? So they get a photo.   

The six friends are sitting on a couch, with one perched on the arm at the end. We know which set of legs belongs to her. So she is safe.   

It's the five friends on the couch who are causing the drama. There are five women on the couch, but only four sets of legs! 

Picture: Reddit 

We aren't going to assume who owns what set of legs. But working left to the right, we have black jeans women. Safe bet, those are her legs.  

These next two are where things get tricky. It appears the third woman is legless. Or are her legs elsewhere?   

The image found on Reddit has created much discussion and theories.   

One user says, "The first girl is sitting over the second girl's legs."  

Another says, "The second girl's legs are behind the first girl's legs."  

Another user said, "Number one has her legs crossed, no tear in the knee in a more comprehensive assessment. Number two has only one leg visible; the tear is in her knee. Those legs are blending together. (Follow that tear down, there's a split where there's a sock on the right and not on the left. Number two has a tear in her knee and a visible white sock)."  

Although good theories, none are convincing enough to solve this mystery. But if you have any friends in Wisconsin who know these women, please help us get to the bottom of this illusion.