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The Old “Bin Chicken” Has Left The City, So, It Might Be Time For A New Name

The white ibis is moving away from our bins and into parklands.

The white ibis, lovingly known as the 'bin chicken', 'picnic pirate' or tip turkey', is leaving our city bins and moving to Sydney's sodden parklands. 

With so much rain in the past month, and more to come, the park is looking more like wetlands, drawing the white ibis back to nature.   

The white ibis' have moved in large numbers to parks across Sydney, hoping for food and, well, a love mare.  

"It is the season of food and love," bird expert Dr Gráinne Cleary said.   

"We normally see them around bins, but they'll switch their diets because of the rain and start foraging as they would do in the wetlands."  

When the rain falls, earthworms move to the surface; the ibis will head in to get them for their proteins in the park. Of course, it's a little more work for the bin chicken to find their food this way rather hanging around the bins in the fast-food car park.   

"The worms are really good food. This is a lot more natural than McDonald's," she said. 

"They're responding how they would more naturally; it goes to show how adaptable they are."  

With the weather attracting the ibis into the parks, it's also created quite the romantic setting for them. "There's a lot of food; there's a bit of shagging going on as well. We'll see the numbers increase." Said Dr Gráinne  

But, when the weather warms up and the parks dry, they are likely to return to their unhealthy lifestyles of bin food.