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The New York Times Is Removing Insensitive Words From Wordle

The New York Times purchased the internet game, Wordle earlier this year, and they have since begun removing and censoring some words from the accepted list initially supplied.

When Times purchased Wordle, they initially stated they would not change anything about the popular game. However, it has since been reported that they will be changing the list of words the game accepts.

In a statement to AFP, New York Time's spokesman Jordan Cohen, stated: "We are updating the word list over time to remove obscure words to keep the puzzle accessible to more people, as well as insensitive or offensive words." 

Players of Wordle know that in order to guess the word correctly, there's a fair bit of strategy in which word you use as your first guess. With many players opting to use words with as many vowels and/or popular consonants as possible. 

As such, some players resorted to using some less savoury words in the name of increasing their likelihood of winning. It's these insensitive words that the New York Times stated they would no longer allow players to use. 

Words that denote ethnic or gender-based slander such as "sluts” "whores” and others would be removed, however, some swear words such as "fucks” and "shits" are currently still in-play - though it is unclear if they will continue to remain in the word list.