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The Neighbours Theme Song Is Currently Topping The Charts

With A Little Understanding And Some Help From Good Friends

There is an absolute banger sitting atop the iTunes charts at the moment. This tune slaps and it is of course the Neighbours theme song as sung by Barry Crocker and its number one nearly thirty-seven years after it was first released.

The reason for this very late charge up the charts is because Neighbours fans are worried their beloved soap is going to get the axe so they’re trying everything they can think of to help save the show. The soap opera took a hit after the UK network Channel 5 pulled it from its schedules thus leaving the production short millions of dollars.

Neighbours has been on the air since 1985 but without all of that sweet British cash coming in from a UK network the series could become too expensive to keep producing. No money means no show and the idea of no show has made fans of the series understandably sad.

One such fan, Corine, took to Twitter and suggested: “What if we would all download the original Neighbours theme from Barry Crocker on iTunes & Spotify and try to get it in the charts to show how much we love it! Maybe that could help to raise more attention to how much we love and need @NeighboursTV in our lives. #saveneighbours” 

And raise attention it did – as this very article that you are reading right this very second proves – more people are talking about Neighbours than they would have been without this campaign. The song, which it really has to be said is an absolute cracker of a Crocker tune, is at the top of the charts and it’s reminding people how much they love the show.

By taking the number one spot it has bumped Ed Sheeran down a peg, which has got to make the now 86-year-old Barry Crocker feel pretty good. Also, all that extra iTunes cash coming into his account probably doesn’t feel too bad either.

Buying the theme song isn’t the only thing fans have been doing to save the show, they’ve also started a petition on Change.org. The petition has so far attracted 43,000 signatures, which aren’t exactly the sort of numbers that would excite prospective networks to pick it up.

Fremantle, the production company behind Neighbours, are currently looking for a new broadcast partner. Maybe they need to look next door, because as we know, neighbours, often, become good friends.