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The Most Popular App For Dating Is … TikTok?

Singles Are Making The Switch

Dating these days is all about the apps but forget Tinder and Hinge and Grindr and Bumble and OKCupid and listing yourself as a ‘free wardrobe’ on Gumtree – none of them are going to cut it anymore. The app that people are turning to these days for dating is TikTok. 

TikTok really can do anything, can’t it? Whether it’s blasting the same fifteen seconds of a song into your head for a week straight or showing you the dash cam footage of a truck having a close call on a highway it has something for everybody. And now the app which is basically interactive Funniest Home Videos is a part of the dating game. 

This latest move has been sparked by people popping up videos online labelled “girlfriend application” or “boyfriend application”. You put yourself out there in the world with a simple video listing your name, location, height, age and interests and throw in a few sexy photographs and hope the replies that roll in catch your fancy. 

Victoria Niciforia up in Sydney told the Daily Telegraph that after she posted a ‘girlfriend application’ video that she was “really surprised” by how many people liked the video and responded in the comments. “I saw a few of the application videos and thought it would be funny to make one and see if anyone would respond.” 

She got over 200 comments on her video, all of them probably very normal and romantic. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any of these videos on your For You Page maybe take that as a sign that the TikTok algorithm thinks you’re happy living your single life. 

If you’re currently single and looking why not give it a go and ask the wasteland that is the internet to proposition you. Even if you don’t specifically put out an “application” if you post enough content on the internet somebody is bound to profess their love to you.