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The Internet Is Losing It’s Mind Because Kendall Jenner Cannot Cut A Cucumber

Celebrities are not like us, and this video of Kendall Jenner being unable and unsure how to cut a cucumber really cemented that we are clearly on different incomes.

Who doesn’t love a bit of hummus with carrot sticks and cucumber? Well apparently even the celebs do, however they don’t prepare it themselves.

Who knew that cutting up vegetables could be so difficult?

In a clip from the Kardashian/Jenner’s new TV show, we can see Kris and Kendall in the kitchen as Kendall ‘bravely’ decides to prepare her own snack, despite having a chef in the house. 

Kris warns Kendall to be careful, after all, chopping up vegetables is not a task for the faint-hearted. However, Kendall insists she can manage it.

However, fans were quick to share the clip to TikTok in utter disbelief at how Kendall opted to slice the cucumber in the most  bizarre and possibly unsafe way ever. 

Watch for yourself below: