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The Internet Is In Shock At Dave Sharma’s Nightmare Lasagne

Liberal MP, Dave Sharma, shared a seemingly harmless photo of his ‘delicious’ lasagne. However, social media users had other adjectives in mind for describing his dinner.

Mr Sharma wrote “Lasagne looks good tonight” overlaid onto his dinner on his Instagram story.

However, what was pictured was a lasagne that looked burnt, dry and did not have a layer of delicious melted cheese on top. What on Earth was he thinking?!

Twitter users had a field day, joking that Sharma had well and truly “lost the Italian votes” with his pitiful lasagne.

Others tweeted his lasagne side-by-side with a perfectly normal, delicious-looking lasagne showing him how it should have been done.


The hellish lasagne brought back memories of Anthony Albanese’s socially distanced steak and vegetables last year, showing that politicians on all political sides have odd food habits.