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The End Of “Are You A Robot?” Captchas Could Finally Be Here

Tech giant, Apple, has unveiled plans for robotic tech that will determine if you are indeed a robot or not.

The end of clicking ‘I am not a robot’ and ‘Every box with a zebra crossing in’ could finally be over as Apple unveils plans for some new tech.

Ironically, it’s robotic tech that will identify if you are or are not a robot, without you having to prove it yourself. What could possibly go wrong?

So how will it work?

The new feature, it calls Automatic Verification, allows your iOS or macOS device to send a little encrypted message into the wide web. Apple will privately verify that the device and Apple ID are to be trusted and instantly allow you through to the site you’re trying to get to.

The Apple demo explains, that when you’re using your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you are already doing a bunch of things that bots can’t, even if you’re interacting with a particular website for the first time.

These things, which bots can’t imitate very well, including unlocking your device with a password or Face ID or Touch ID and they’re likely signed in with their Apple ID.

A huge benefit to this is also for the disabled community, as many disability advocates have long highlighted the difficulty for people with some disabilities to access websites with CAPTCHAs.

So to access the feature, which can be found in iOS 16, head to your settings.

Under Apple ID and Password and Security. Here, it’s called Automatic Verification, and you can choose to set it on or off. It’s on by default, hurrah.