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The Dogs That Can Detect COVID Faster And More Accurately Than A RAT Test

Just by sniffing your feet, these dogs can detect COVID providing a faster screening service.

Dog’s noses are absolutely amazing! Our lazy human noses only have around 6-million scent receptors, but our doggo mates have around 300-million. It's not only handy for them to know when the Schmackos have been opened, but also for detecting COVID.

With 8-weeks of COVID detector training at the University Of Adelaide, the Labradors can pick up the scent of COVID as soon as the virus is replicating within the body.

They are being trained to sniff people's feet, which is an easy location for the dog to access, and non-invasive for the human. Feet also have plenty of sweat glands to help excrete the smell.

The dogs are currently able to detect all variants of COVID, but will need further training as new variants arise.

For those wondering, the dogs can not catch COVID, but just in case, they are being screened on a regular basis to ensure they are not being affected.

They hope the dogs can be used in hospitals for quick screening of staff and visitors.

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