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The Creepy Tattoo Trend of Realistic Spiders

Ever wanted a permanent spider on your neck? No? Of course not. Who would want that? Well, surprisingly way more people than you would think if this creepy new tattoo trend is to be believed. 

Jesse Garcia is a tattoo artist with his own private studio in Los Angeles and his Instagram is absolutely filled with dozens of people requesting the creepiest tattoos you can imagine – realistic tatts of spiders that look like they’re going for a wander over your body.

Some people are getting their 3D arachnids tattooed onto their neck, or the back of their head, or crawling out of their ear. There are no photos of it, but you have to assume there’s a couple of butt-based spider tatts out there as well.

A realistic spider tattooed just under your own ear is the perfect tattoo to get if you want to spend the rest of your life catching a glimpse of yourself in mirrors and thinking you have a spider on you. Get ready for a lifetime of brushing wildly at your face every time you see your reflection.

Jesse’s Instagram page is worth a scroll if you want to spend the rest of the day being creeped out. Spiders are the only thing he offers, you can also get a butterfly if you have the exact opposite personality to the spider folks. There’s also a scorpion on offer, although it seems unlikely that people are going to mistakenly believe that a scorpion has crawled up to your ear unnoticed.

Don’t think about this too much, but if you were too get a tattoo of a realistic spider on your chest, would you have to warn an intimate partner of this the first time you remove your shirt in front of them. “Heads up, you’re about to hate one of my tattoos.” If that’s the sort of situation you want to spend the rest of your life navigating, maybe hit up Jesse the next time you’re in Los Angeles.