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The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Video Just Sold As An NFT For Almost $1 Million

If you don’t understand that headline, neither do we.

Let's go back to the good old days of 2007. Back then a TikTok was just the sound an analogue clock would make, a Tweet was the sound a bird made and the two most famous people in the world were a baby called Charlie and a toddler called Harry who kept sticking his finger into his younger brother’s mouth.

If you don’t remember the video, you definitely do. The 56-second clip was uploaded to YouTube by a man from the UK called Howard Davies-Carr and it became an instant cult classic full of drama, tension and comedy.

The video depicts Howard’s son Harry putting his hand in his brother Charlie’s mouth only to be repeatedly bitten. It truly is a triumph of cinema, has been viewed over 882 million times and spawned countless memes. Had the video been uploaded more recently, it undoubtedly would’ve featured on Pete Helliar’s Viral Vednesday segment every week for a year.

But, the family recently announced that it would be taking the video down from YouTube and selling it as a non-fungible token. Now, according to Wikipedia, an NFT is “a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.”

Look, we don’t know what that means either. But, basically it’s a way for an owner to prove their original ownership of a digital file, even if other people can access copies of the file. Why anyone would want to pay for something when they could still get access to a copy of that very thing is a fantastic question. But, it hasn’t stopped the NFT market burgeoning to hundreds of millions of dollars over the past couple of years.

It also didn’t stop the winner of the auction shelling out $980,000 to purchase the video as an NFT, which is quite a lot to spend on what even the creators of the video describe as ‘mildly funny’. For that amount of money you could probably get Prince Charles to film himself biting Prince Harry’s finger.

The family is very excited about the huge windfall and told the Daily Mail that they would be celebrating by going out for a curry and using whatever remains to pay for the boys to go through university.

As for the rest of us, will we ever get to see that famous video again? Well, not on YouTube, but if you Google ‘Charlie Bit My Finger video’ you get almost 30 million results and one of those probably links to a copy of the video, which you can enjoy for the low, low price of $0.