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“The Bridgerton Effect” Hath Inspired Thy Sales Of Tiaras & Corsets In 2022

Lovers of Bridgerton will know, the stunning costumes and jewellery is a close second to the storyline, and they are influencing real-world purchases referred to as "The Bridgerton Effect"

If you have been living under a modern-day rock and unaware of what Bridgerton is, it's a Netflix TV series about the aristocratic social whirl of London during the time of Queen Charlotte, mostly concentrating on the fortunes of the Bridgerton siblings. 

It's unique in that it is a 'reimagining' of the period, with many modern-day norms and music woven into the show seamlessly. 

So what is the 'Bridgerton Effect'?

Well, retailers are reporting a surge in sales of corsets, silk dresses and statement earrings, additionally, there has been increased online searches for tiaras.

Reported in Harpers Bazaar, London-based jeweller, Susannah Lovis, reported a 300 per cent spike in tiaras searches following the show's return last Friday. 

"While I have always loved the romance of a tiara, they are usually one of our lesser requested styles," she said,

 "so I was shocked to see how much interest they were suddenly receiving over the weekend, both in store and on the website."

According to fashion experts, the second series of Bridgerton has "caught the mood of the moment."

According to The Guardian, the arrival of spring coincided with a strong desire for 'a little post-pandemic frivolity.' 

Others note that the Queen's Platinum Jubilee may also have inspired a newfound interest in regal dressing, tiaras and corsets. 

So, hath thy googled a Tiara yet?