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Texas Is Now Home To The World’s Biggest Dog, At A Whopping 3ft 5.18 Inches

Everything's Bigger In Texas, Even The Dogs. Zeus, a great dane, is now the proud holder of the world's largest living dog title.

A Texas family's 2-year-old great dane, has now earned the title of world's tallest living dog by the Guinness World Records.

Zeus, owned by Brittany Davis of Bedford, Texas, said she received Zeus as a gift from her brother when he was only 8 months old.

Bedford states he was a big boy even as a puppy, with huge paws.

However, she states that "This has been a whirlwind and unexpected. We never thought we would own the largest living dog."

The tallest dog ever, coincidentally also a Great Dane named Zeus, stood at 3 feet and 8 inches tall. He died in 2014.