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Texan Residents Receive Evil Doll Alert Message From Department Of Public Safety

The U.S. already has a lot to worry about, they don’t need killer dolls in the mix.

Last week many residents of the Lone Star State received a peculiar message from the department of public safety. It warned people to look out for a suspect with red hair, blue eyes, standing at just 3 feet tall, clad in blue overalls and wielding a kitchen knife.

The alert had an accompanying image that looked very similar to the horror film character Chucky, and also the name… Chucky.


Image credit: Texas Department of Public Safety.

Understandably, the people of Texas were a bit confused. Was this a genuine warning? Were the Child’s Play films actually documentaries that we should have taken more seriously? Or was the department of public safety trying out some weird edgy joke/prank?

Turns out it was just a mistake. The department of safety apologized and said it was ‘the result of a test malfunction’, according to the New York Times.

Which is even more disturbing.

What were they testing?

We can only assume that killer dolls are real and that one day we will receive this message and it will mean the dolls have finally taken over.

I suggest you watch all the Child’s Play films just to be prepared – study them and learn from them. You’ll need the whole weekend to get through them. You’ve got Child’s Play 1 to 3, Bride, Seed, Curse and Cult of Chucky, and of course the 2019 Child’s Play remake.

If you watch all of those you should be completely prepared for the upcoming killer doll attack, even if it is just a test.

Main image: AAP.