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Tesla Saya Robotaxis Will Be Available in 2024

Autonomous robotaxis will be here in 2024, says Tesla CEO and tech cowboy, Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is talking a big game with the robotaxi, claiming it will not have a steering wheel or pedal, making it fully autonomous and truly self-driving.

This half robot, half taxi is an exciting prospect, but on the downside, there will be no-one to wake you when you pass out in a cab. Musk said, “I think [the robotaxi] can be a very powerful product where we aspire to reach volume production in 2024”.

No human driver means this invention could see farting in taxis go up by at least 100 per cent in 2024. But the robotaxi is no easy feat, even for a tech genius. Musk admits there are many developmental challenges.

He said, “With respect to full self-driving, of any technology development I’ve been involved in, I’ve never really seen more false dawns or where it seems like we’re going to breakthrough, but we don’t, as I’ve seen in full self-driving”. It’s frustrating when you’re about to sneeze, but then don’t, let alone when you’re about to make the biggest tech breakthrough in history.

Musk highlighted what the biggest problems were, saying “…you actually have to solve real-world artificial intelligence, which nobody has solved”. It’s hard enough to solve a rubix cube, But Musk is optimistic.

He added “The whole road system is made for biological neural nets and eyes… in order to solve driving, we have to solve neural nets and cameras to a degree of capability that is on par with, or really exceeds humans. And I think we will achieve that this year”.

You heard it; Musk says Tesla is on the way to creating a car that will exceed human capabilities! Which sounds impossible, until you watch the average human trying to parallel park.