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Tennis Australia Executive Thinks Novak Djokovic Could Be Back For The 2023 Australian Open

Just when we thought we wouldn’t have to see his name again, it’s already alleged that Novak will be returning to Australia for 2023’s Australian Open.

The claims come from Tennis Australia’s chief executive Craig Tiley.

So how is this possible considering the federal government issued him with a three-year ban on re-entering the country? 

Speaking to the ABC on Sunday, Tiley was asked whether he believes Novak will return for the 2023 Aus Open, to which Tiley responded: 

“Yes. Obviously, I think he’s got to play out this year, but that will be his intention. At the end of the day, he’s the No 1 player in the world and he loves the Australian Open.”

The immigration minister’s power to cancel a visa – as happened in Djokovic’s case – comes with a three-year ban on re-entering Australia, except in compelling circumstances, such as compassion or Australian national interest grounds.

So, it does seem possible that Novak may be able to seek an exemption to his ban next year if he chooses to participate in the Aus Open.