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Teenager Takes Off On Round-The-World Solo Plane Trip

19-year-old Zara Rutherford is hoping to break a world record.

Try not to let this news make you feel as though you haven’t achieved anything with your life but: a nineteen-year-old has just taken off on a record-breaking attempt to fly around the world solo. Her name is Zara Rutherford, she’s from Belgium and come November 4thshe’ll be in the record books as the youngest woman to fly around the globe solo.

There was a period of time about a decade ago where it seemed like every second month a teenager was jetting off on a solo round-the-world boating trip. While plenty haven’t taken to the ocean we haven’t seen as many attempt similar journeys in the sky.

If Zara completes her round-the-world odyssey she will smash the record for youngest woman to complete the trip as the current record holder is Shaesta Waiz who did it at the age of 30 back in 2017. The youngest man to hold the title is Travis Ludlow who did the whole thing when he was 18, which is extra impressive because most 18 year olds have a hard time even leaving their room.

How exactly do you end up in a position where as a 19-year-old you take off from an airport in Kortrijk, Belgium to embark on a Jules Vern style adventure? Well, Zara does come from a family of pilots, so that probably helped. She began training at the age of fourteen and got her pilot’s license in 2020 while the rest of us were figuring out that we hated making our own sourdough.

Zara aims to fly over 52 countries and cross the equator a couple of times during a trip laid out for her by the Guinness World Records’ requirements for what constitutes a ‘around-the-world flight’. She’s got 70 stops, 19 rest days and it should take about three months. Just think, while she’s up there in the sky during all that time you’ll be able to finish watching The White Lotus, Ru Paul and every season of CSI: Miami.