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Teenage Figure Skating Sensation Retires With Adorably Youthful Message

16-year-old skating prodigy, Alysa Liu, has announced her retirement with a wonderfully teenage message.

An Olympian at the 2022 Winter Games, Liu was slated to be the future of women’s figure skating after claiming two national championships and a bronze medal at the world championships.

Announcing her retirement, Liu said she felt “so satisfied” with how her career had gone.

“I honestly never thought i would’ve accomplished as much as i did LMAOO i’m so happy,” Liu said in her post.

“Now that i’m finally done with my goals in skating i’m going to be moving on with my life. ... this skating thing has taught me a lot more about life than i anticipated. i’m really glad i skated.”

Liu won her first national title at the young age of 13 and successfully defended it in 2020.

Unable to compete internationally at that age, she blew away her junior competition by perming quadruple jumps during competitions.

Liu competed in Beijing after overcoming COVID to recover in time.