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Taylor Swift And Disney To Be Used To Teach Latin To Modern Students

Cambridge University has produced a new guide for teaching Latin, for teachers to use a modern way of teaching the ancient language.

The guide includes using music from Taylor Swift and Disney to teach the principles of Latin.

Cambridge University Academic Steven Hunt, who has taught Latin for 35 years and now trains Latin teachers, believes the language should be taught as the modern language is used.

Speaking to the BBC, Hunt said current teaching models in the U.K. use “quite traditional approaches”.

“Rather than exploring other approaches which might be more engaging, contain more variety, and reflect what we know of how young people learn languages," he said.

Examples used in Hunt’s guide include Taylor Swift’s song ‘Bad Blood’, which is “the starting place for writing” in Latin and utilising YouTube channels that translates Disney songs into Latin.

The Latin Programme, a charity that works in U.K. state schools, recreated the Roman myth of Echo and Narcissus using two hip-hops — one in English and one in Latin— at its summer school program.

"This both supports advanced translation skills, whilst thoroughly engaging students from a broad demographic," said Zanna Wing-Davey, executive director of the Latin Programme.