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Tasmania Police Remain Hopeful As Search For Missing Four-Year-Old Girl Enters Third Day

UPDATE: Shayla Phillips has been found.

The young girl went missing at about 2.30 pm on Wednesday while playing outside with a neighbour's dog in Stormlea.

Her mother went to check on her half an hour later, but Shayla and the dogs were missing.

She was wearing pink leggings, a cream top and gumboots.

On Wednesday evening, one of the dogs was found about 800 metres from where Shayla had last been seen.

The search has now entered its third day, with Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins confirming “significant resources' are being used in the search.

Thermal imaging drones and sniffer dogs sent from Victoria Police are involved in the operation.

"Tasmania Police are doing everything we possibly can to bring little Shayla back safely to her mum," Mr Higgins told reporters on Friday.

"We absolutely need to be positive there'll be a good outcome. But we will continually reassess as well and take advice from the medicos and experts."

Inspector Gavin Hallett said police had no reason to believe anyone was involved in Shayla’s disappearance.

He described the girl as happy and healthy, who loved to play hide and seek.