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Tall Men Move Over, ‘Short King’ Is A Thing In 2022.

A new era is upon us, with short men finally getting their time to shine.

A viral trend has taken ‘Short King’ back for the short guys, and a new era is upon us. Short guys have drawn the short stick (sorry) on dating apps and IRL for too long. 

 Some have been shut down by potential partners before they even had a chance to show off their big personalities.   

Thanks to TikTok and Tom Holland, a new trend is going viral, with shorties shining through. The term ‘short king’ has been around for years. Previously, girlfriends would call their tall boyfriends ‘short king’ and film their reactions. But the tables have turned. 

 Women are now expressing their desire to date shorter men, saying ‘anyone taller than 5’11 no longer qualifies’ with many couples sharing and celebrating their height differences online.   

On the other side of the world, the U.S is dubbing it ‘Short King Spring’, with one TikTok user saying, “Short kings is the new wave. Sorry to all y’all giraffes,”. The trend has potentially been spurred on by Tom Holland 5’8” and partner Zendaya 5’11”.