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Take The Sushi Train Home With You

Restaurants in Japan allow you to rent the conveyor belt with your meal.

Sick of the same boring old take out sitting in the same boring old brown paper bags? Tired of plonking those plates down on your kitchen table and watching them not move anywhere? Now there’s a restaurant chain that has the solution! Unfortunately it is in Japan, which is handy if you also live in Japan, but not handy if live nowhere near any of the five restaurants currently offering you your very own take home sushi train conveyor belt.

That’s right. The conveyor belt has got to be the absolute best part of going out to get sushi train, because you get to watch the little rolls ride past your table like they’re on the V Line to Geelong.

Japan is still locked down because of the coronavirus and the restaurant chain Kappa Sushi thought up the best idea to replicate the full sushi bar experience from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re ordering takeaway from Kappa Sushi you can, for the low low price of thirty American dollars, grab yourself a forty nine inch oval conveyer belt roughly around the size of a toy train set. You get to set up the conveyor belt on your coffee table and plop all of the take away plates on the belt and watch them go round and around in your living room.

A spokeswoman for the chain, Momoko Okamura, said that the company came up with the idea before the pandemic and that of the 75 customers who have signed up so far “most customers are families with small children, who feel reluctant to eat out and feel safer eating at home.”

That makes sense, it's unclear how much fun it would be to hire a conveyor belt just for yourself. Watching three dishes go in circles as you try to make up your mind. Although, there’s nothing to say you can’t put other foods on conveyor belt as well. It’s an all purpose conveyor belt. It could also let bowls of breakfast cereal go on a little journey around your coffee table.

This is likely to be a hit in Japan where the sushi train experience has been missed so much a bunch of people had already tried to recreate their own sushi train experience at home using actual toy train sets.

No word yet on whether any Australian restaurants will give you the instore experience at home, but I would love if my local fish & chip shop offered at home version where I get to put tiny version of the owner and his son on my coffee table and I get to listen to them yell at each other while I wait for a bit of flake.