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Survey Reveals How Long New Employees Stay In A Job Before Deciding It's Not For Them

With the Great Resignation upon us, how soon is too soon to quit? Probably if you're still mid-interview. That feels a bit soon. Otherwise, once you've started a job, what's a reasonable time frame to bid your employer adieu?

Let's explore...

A 2018 survey from Jobvite found that thirty per cent of new employees quit their job within 90 days of being hired. As for the other 70 per cent, we can only assume they reluctantly remained in their job while vengefully stealing office stationery.

According to the survey, some of the top reasons people left were thanks to a one-time incident and bad company culture. But with every new job comes new challenges, so it's important we give ourselves permission to adjust before making a run for the exit unless your job requires you to suddenly run for the exit, like if you work for the fire brigade.

While it's important to take your time before deciding to quit, here are some reasons why it may NOT be too soon to move on: A toxic company culture, the employer misled you about the job description, you found your dream job elsewhere, you won the lottery, you lied about your qualifications as a Michelin star chef, and now you must cook your signature beef bourguignon for Jacques Pépin.

At the end of the day, if your job is taking its toll on your mental well-being, there should be no hesitation to leave. So how soon is too soon to quit? We can safely say that it's totally up to you. Alternatively, if you've got too much pride to quit, you can always be super annoying, so everybody else leaves instead.