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Survey Reveals Brits Do Weird Things In The Bathroom

If you eat breakfast in the bathroom, you’re weirdly not alone.

You’ve probably long suspected that everybody else is getting up to odd things in their bathroom. Whether it’s having a nap, or rehearsing a moment from their day, or writing this article, you could easily compile a list of ways that people are using the bathroom for plenty of non-bathroom related activities. Thankfully you don’t have to because B&Q commissioned a survey in the UK that did all that for you.

They surveyed 2,000 British adults and came back with some interesting results as to what everybody is getting up to in the bathroom. 42% of respondents said they often escape to the bathroom to get some quiet time away from the other members of their house. And if you’re reading this while sitting on the toilet for longer than you need to, you can probably relate.

Peace and quiet doesn’t just mean standing in the middle of your bathroom staring at the mirror, for 55% of respondents it also means extra-long showers so they can have a little more time to themselves. Does it count as wasting water if it’s for mental health reasons?

One in six people give themselves pep talks in the bathroom. This one makes perfect sense – there’s a mirror right there, who better to get you ready for a tough day ahead then you riling yourself up in the mirror.

If you’ve ever been in the shower and thought ‘Damn, that’s a good idea’, you’re not alone. 38% of people say they have their best ideas in the shower. However, if you’re one of those people that eat breakfast in the bathroom, you are… also not alone! The survey found that more than a third of people have done something in the bathroom that they’ve later kept as a secret. Whether it’s having the first meal of the day or having a nap.

In fact, there are so many things you could do in the bathroom where you’re not the only person in the world doing it. Crying, reading, having sex, hiding to avoid people, washing the dog, having a cup of tea (we did say it was a British survey), people have done everything in their bathroom. That could explain why one in six call the bathroom the heart of the home – where else in the house can you stream a TV show while you’re in the bath? Certainly not the shed.