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Study Shows Link Between Full Moons And Shark Attacks

New research shows unprovoked shark attacks on humans could be linked to the full moon.

The University of Florida and Louisiana State University study compared moon cycles and shark attack data.

Researchers say it is the first study of its kind to show a correlation between shark attacks and any natural phenomena.

"Fewer shark attacks than expected only occurred at lower values of lunar illumination while more shark attacks than expected only occurred at higher values of lunar illumination," the research said.

However, the study authors, Lindsay A. French, Stephen R. Midway, David H. Evans and George H. Burgess, did note the limited 1970 to 2016 data range did not include a record of every shark attack.

The shark attack data was collected from the International Shark Attack File.

The study also suggests there are two contributing factors caused by the electromagnetic fields that are influenced by the phases of the moons and tides.

It does not suggest the full moon guides sharks towards humans and it is also noted that most shark attacks occur during the day.

The authors also say local variables "are expected to continue to be more practical information for assessing risk."

It is not recommended by the study to rely on the moon's cycles to determine the risk of a shark attack.