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Study Finds Podcast Listeners Are Less Neurotic And More Curious

Are you an avid podcast listener? Studies have found lots of positive personality traits you may be more likely to possess.

Researchers surveyed a modest sample of 306 people from more than ten countries about their podcast listening habits. They then compared the patterns with measures of their personality. 

The study found that people who reported to have listened to a podcast were more likely to enjoy “cognitive endeavours”, and be more open to experiences and interest-based curiosities.

The podcast listeners were also less likely to experience neuroticism.

Those who scored more highly on the trait of agreeableness were more likely to report forming parasocial relationships with their favourite podcast hosts.

“Parasocial relationships were associated with listening for longer and listening to podcasts by known hosts,” the study’s authors found.

“Feeling like the podcast host was your friend was related to feeling generally more connected with other people,” an author of the study stated.

Fewer than half of listeners engaged with podcasts less than monthly, while 30% listened weekly and 12.5% were daily listeners.

Podcast listening was negatively correlated with the need to belong, which Tobin said was an unexpected finding.

However, the study did have many limitations. It relied on self-reporting of listening habits. It also did not cross-reference whether podcast listeners were also radio listeners or not. 

The researchers emphasised that while certain personality traits were correlated with podcast listening, they could not establish causal links.