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Study Finds Men Say ‘I Love You’ 15 Days Earlier Than Women

An international study has found men are more likely to say those three little words 15 days earlier than their female partners.

The study by researchers from Abertay University in Scotland, surveyed 1,092 women and 336 men about current or recent relationships.

The results, gathered from people in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Poland, and the UK, showed that men will say ‘I Love You’ after 108 days, while women will take 123 days.

However, couples in France are the exception, with men and women likely to declare their feelings at equal times.

While it takes well over 100 days for men to say their feelings out loud, the study found males will think they are in love after about 70 days. While for women, it’s closer to 77 days to think they are in love.

While the timeframes are similar in the survey participant’s countries, the motive behind confessing their love differs.

In countries with a high female to male population, men are more likely to say ‘I Love You’ to scare off other suitors.

While in countries with a high male to female population, saying those three words may be a way to speed up intimacy.

“The escalation of sexual intimacy (via love confession) is more likely in environments where men have greater mating opportunities and female promiscuity is relatively more common,” the researchers said.