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Study Claims Listening To Hip Hop Can Make Surgeons Perform Better

Researchers in Germany have found that listening to music while performing surgery can make the surgeons perform better.

They found hip hop was as effective as classic musical at boosting the performance of the doctors.

There were 82 medical students who were monitored by the team as they performed keyhole surgery to different backing tracks. It wasn’t a comprehensive study, though, as they only tested four different genres. Hip hop, classical, rock and radio mix.

Rock and the radio were the least effective. The radio was probably difficult to concentrate to as after every two songs they would have to listen to a National Tiles ad.

To properly get to the bottom of which music would be best to listen to while in surgery they need to expand the study and incorporate more genres. For example, would it be effective to listen to Metal or would the headbanging become distracting?

Relax, the Hip Hop's on. Image: Getty.

Even think outside the box to other things people listen to – what about podcasts? Would it help or hinder a surgeon to listen to eight hours of true crime podcasts while in the operating theatre?

Music was first introduced to operating theatres all the way back in 1914 to help reduce anxiety. Although back then presumably all they could listen to were songs about bugles, and poems read aloud over the noise of washboards being played.

Surgeons perform better when listening to music than with no music, instead just having to listen to the sound of themselves breathing and the constant pounding of their own thoughts.

Now that they’ve shown that listening to hip-hop helps surgeons, they need to go a little bit further and break it down by specific acts. Which hip-hop artist is the best at helping save lives. Really get to the bottom of this Drake vs Kanye beef.