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Statements Regarding Our Story On Convenience Killing Laws

Statements from Bourke Shire Council and the NSW Government

Bourke Shire Council:

Councils actions in stopping a Rescue Group travelling to Bourke and subsequently euthanising the dogs was taken to protect a vulnerable community from the potential impact of an ever increasing unknown situation regarding COVID at the time.

Council has responded to formal enquiries from the RSPCA, the NSW Ombudsman and the Office of Local Government in regard to the legality of Councils actions since the incident, with no breaches having been raised. Council will take the necessary action to adhere to the new legislation as required.

Spokesperson for the Office of Local Government (NSW):

The NSW Government is committed to protecting the welfare of animals and promoting responsible pet ownership. The amendments proposed are sensible measures that will create a consistent approach and formalise actions most NSW councils are already taking to rehome companion animals.

The Government has worked closely with local councils and animal welfare organisations to significantly reduce euthanasia rates in pounds and shelters across the state.

Rehoming practices are constantly evolving, and the NSW Office of Local Government is currently undertaking a review of animal rehoming practices, a key priority of which is to identify ways to further reduce euthanasia rates.