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Statements re: Insta Drugs Story

Statements from Australia Post, Instagram and the police.


  •       Australians are among the highest per capita users of illicit drugs in the world
  •       The higher price illicit drugs can fetch in Australia makes it a lucrative market to organised crime groups
  •       Criminals will do whatever they can, and use whoever they can, to stay anonymous and “arms-length” from the illegal activities.
  •       The AFP is committed to stopping the flow of drugs into and around the country, and works closely with the Australian Border Force and other partners to identify, detect and destroy illicit drugs in the mail system
  •       When these imports are referred to the AFP, a forensic and intelligence examination is undertaken and the drugs are subsequently destroyed
  •       The AFP combats drug imports of all sizes and is focused on preventing these illicit substances from getting into our communities


  • Criminal syndicates should know that the Australian Border Force’s actions to secure our border have not stopped because of COVID-19. As a result of the current border measures, more ABF staff are available to inspect goods coming in through our ports and mail centres.
  • Millions of parcels come into Australia every year and ABF officers come across tens of thousands of packages a week. in the first half of this year, more than 11 million inspections of packages were carried out at our international mail centres – with millions more at our air cargo and sea cargo facilities.
  • While concealment methods are getting more advanced, so is the ABF’s ability to detect them. Our techniques and intelligence is constantly evolving, and so is the dedication and ability of our highly trained officers.

Australia Post spokesperson:

“Screening of postal articles for contraband is the responsibility of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Australia Post fully cooperates with all border protection and law enforcement agencies that investigate matters of this nature, including working with Australian State and Territory agencies in the identification and screening of illicit drugs in the domestic supply chain.” - Australia Post spokesperson

Facebook company spokesperson:

“We do not allow the sale of illicit drugs on Instagram. It is against our policies to buy, sell or trade non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs on our platform. We have been focusing on this area for some time, and we are working hard to ensure we keep illicit drug sales off Instagram. We will continue to work with experts and invest in people and technology to keep our community safe.” – Facebook company spokesperson