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Statements From Hanson And Minister For The Environment

Statements from Hanson and Minister for the Environment regarding our Koala story.

Media Statement from Hanson 

18 September 2020

Hanson provides the following response for The Project, Network 10 in relation to its inquiry:

The information contained in the report commissioned by the Brandy Hill and Seaham Action Group is consistent with the findings of a report commission by Hanson from Biosis, which is a leading independent ecological consultancy.

In approving the proposed expansion for Brandy Hill, a quarry that has been operating for the past 37 years, State Government planning authorities set special conditions for the protection of koala habitats.

These conditions, which have been accepted by Hanson, include Hanson being required to offset and preserve approximately 450 hectares of koala habitat which will protect and promote the species.

We are strongly of the view that the commitments made by Hanson will ensure that the quarry is developed and operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

Statement from Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley

  • The statutory deadline for the final decision has been extended to 13 October.
  • The department is still considering the assessment report and other relevant information, including the new report prepared by Dr Witt and Prof Clulow for the Brandy Hill and Seaham Action Group regarding the impact of the proposal on koalas.
  • The Morrison Government is rolling out a $200 million investment in bushfire wildlife and habitat recovery and I want to ensure that any bushfire impacts are taken into account