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Statement from TMRW Music

Statement from TMRW Music

TMRW Music licensed the fully produced recording of Dreams from Jolyon Petch under usual terms and it was released in April 2021.

Reigan originally said that she did not want to be named as a feature artist on the release.

In July 2021, as the record gained traction, we reached out to Reigan and actively tried to include her in promotion for the record. Her name was also mentioned in interviews and online content with Jolyon.

Reigan stated she was happy to be involved in promotion for the record and that it was in her best interest to do so, even though she didn’t want to put her name to the release originally.

Subsequent to these conversations, Reigan approached Jolyon asking to be featured on the record and to receive a share of royalties. As TMRW licensed the recording from Jolyon, these negotiations have been taking place directly between Jolyon and Reigan and their legal teams.

On 12th November we were advised by Jolyon’s team that an agreement had been reached between both parties’ legal teams for Reigan to feature on the record and participate in a share of the artist income. We have been awaiting confirmation of execution of this agreement so that we can proceed with making changes to the product. We are disappointed to hear that this is not the case.

Reigan is an exceptional artist and we value her contribution to the track.