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Statement From Kenja Communication

Statement attributed to Janice R Hamilton from Kenja Communication regarding the National Redress Scheme

29 June 2020

Dear Senator Ruston,

National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (The Scheme)

We refer to correspondence received from you on 15 May 2020 and also, in conjunction with the Prime Minister, on 26 June 2020.

We are aware of The Scheme and as an organisation accept unreservedly that sexual abuse is not just a crime against the person but is also a crime that attacks the social fabric of a nation, as stated in the letter of 26 June 2020.

We deny that sexual abuse has ever taken place at this organisation.

There were lengthy legal proceedings involving allegations against the co-founder of this organisation, Mr Kenneth Dyers, where Mr Dyers was exonerated by the court system and there were no convictions.

Those proceedings took place over 10 years between 1993 and 2002.

Our organisation believes that sexual abuse is abhorrent, and we would not countenance it taking place in the context of our organisation’s activities. It is the antithesis of the personal growth and freedom of the individual which we seek to promote and foster as an organisation.

We do not accept that there are genuine claims in this regard, and for that reason we do not propose to participate in The Scheme. We reject the claim that in the circumstances, our conduct is reprehensible. We consider we are acting appropriately and responsibly in our community obligations, and in a society based on the rule of law.


Janice R Hamilton Kenja Communication

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