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Statement from the Department of Health

Statement from the Department of Health

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Medicare provides public funding for a range of clinically necessary health services and procedures for assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including those associated with the retrieval of eggs if clinically relevant, e.g. with a diagnosis of medical infertility. However, Medicare does not currently fund costs associated with freezing and storage of eggs, sperm or embryos.

Any proposal to publicly fund the costs of freezing eggs would need to be assessed by the independent Medicare Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) before being listed on the MBS.

Applications to MSAC seeking public funding for a new medical services through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) can be made by medical professionals, medical organisations, medical industry and others. 

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In 2019-20, Medicare provided rebates for 279,673 ART/IVF services at a cost of over $245 million.