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Statement From The Department Of Health On The Esther Foundation

The Department of Health is aware of the allegations raised in the media and is working with the organisation through the DSS Community Grants Hub, including to ensure the objectives of the funding agreement are delivered.

The funding agreement between the Australian Government and the Esther Foundation stipulates clauses regarding working with vulnerable persons which provides relevant guidelines for the organisation to adhere to.

Funding to the Esther Foundation is managed via a formal funding agreement with the Department of Health in collaboration with the Community Grant Hub (CGH) in the Department of Social Services (DSS). The Department of Health, in collaboration with the DSS CGH will continue to monitor reporting and adherence requirements with all clauses as legally bound.

The Department of Health will continue to work closely with both funding agreement managers at the DSS CGH and the Esther Foundation to monitor the complaints, and to review and manage these accordingly within the requirements of the funding agreement.