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Statement From NBN

A statement regarding tonight's story on the NBN.

As background:

NBN Co’s Sky Muster satellites are geostationary satellites specifically configured to provide high bandwidth services to fixed locations across Australia tailored to the population distribution. Globally there are a number of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems in operation and at various stages of planning. These systems generally service either very low data rate applications such as IoT monitors or mobility applications requiring next generation antennas.

There has been a 70 – 80 per cent increase in data usage across the country on the nbn network (including satellite services) during the peak of isolation and the network has remained resilient and performed strongly. We are pleased the network continues to operate so well in these unprecedented times. It shows the nbn is well-prepared to handle Australia’s growing data needs at the time when the nation most needs it.

The following is attributed to an nbn spokesperson:

Low Earth Orbit satellite systems promise similar data speeds and much lower latency than traditional GEO satellites like nbn Sky Muster satellite. While it remains unclear as to the full costs of the service;  including the customer antenna and the long term efficacy of the constellations as a viable service to deliver fixed broadband services to households; nbn sees LEO services as an opportunity and may present another option for nbn that would complement our existing Satellite offerings.