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Statement From Tasmanian Energy Minister

Statement from Energy Minister, Guy Barnett regarding our story on Lake Pedder.

“Draining late Pedder would be both economically and environmentally irresponsible and bordering on madness. Lake Pedder is a vital part of Hydro Tasmania’s energy infrastructure. Lake Pedder contributes around 40 per cent of the water used in the Gordon Power Station and powers over 50,000 homes and businesses each year. Combined with Lake Gordon, it’s the largest storage of water in Australia, contributing approximately 13 percent of Tasmania’s total power generation.

There is no compelling biological conservation or environment protection reason to drain the lake. Draining Lake Pedder has potential to cause massive environmental and biological harm and leave it as one big slush hole.

Dr Brown says he supports renewable energy but has at every turn opposed every major renewable energy project in Tasmania including our plans to be the Battery of the nation. Tasmania is on track to be 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy by 2022 with plans to be 200% by 2040. Dr Brown’s ongoing opposition to our plans is hypocrisy on steroids.

Dr Brown is a fierce opponent of wind farms on one hand and on the other he is attempting to use their existence to suit his own personal ideological agenda to drain Lake Pedder. It confirms yet again Dr Brown has little to offer but perpetual protest.”