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Statement From Caesarstone Asia Pacific

Statement From Caesarstone Asia Pacific

-          Like all materials that contain silica, engineered stone can be handled safely provided proper safety procedures are followed. These include wet cutting, appropriate PPE and ventilation and ongoing monitoring. Silicosis is 100% preventable.

-          Caesarstone continues to work closely with all industry participants, particularly fabricators, to build a safer industry, including through our own extensive education and training programs. Caesarstone launched the Master of Stone training platform designed to train fabricators and to address health and safety in the workplace.( overview attached)

-          Caesarstone believes that the key to improving industry safety is the implementation of a nationally consistent, mandatory licensing scheme, with a rigorous auditing and enforcement structure, with strong penalties, to support it.

-          Under such a scheme, all stonemasons should be required to obtain a licence to trade. Builders and kitchen companies would be prohibited from purchasing engineered stone products from an unlicensed stonemason or fabricator.

-          Any licensing regime must be accompanied by a major commitment to the continuous improvement in awareness and understanding among workers and fabricators about risks associated with inhalation of silica dust caused by the handling of all materials containing silica, regulatory requirements and safety control measures.