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Statement From American Express And National Australia Bank

American Express And National Australia Bank statements in response to our online scam story.

American Express

We’re sorry for this terrible situation our Card Member is in. We are talking directly with our customer and are reviewing this case. While the review is taking place, we have waived all past and future interest charges relating to the transactions in question

National Australia Bank -  Chris Sheehan, Executive Group Investigations and Fraud, Enterprise Security

At NAB we continually review and update our detection tools and make reasonable efforts to detect and prevent fraud and scams from being committed on NAB customers.

Preventative measures:

NAB has a mature security awareness program and we have a dedicated Security Hub found at nab.com.au/security full of helpful and pragmatic articles, videos and training modules to equip customers with the information and tools they need to be aware of to protect themselves; including how to spot a romance scam.

We also regularly publish security alerts on the Security Hub when we see new threats and identify trends, which can be found here. In addition, to educate the community, in FY19 NAB presented to over 3,000 NAB clients across small, medium and large business about cyber safety.

Reactive measures:

NAB has systems and processes in place to monitor suspicious and unusual transactions, including, but not limited to scams related payments. However, given the sophisticated, evolutionary and sometimes unpredictable nature of payment scams, they can be difficult to detect.

For employees, we provide specific training and checklists to our frontline staff on spotting whether a customer is somehow involved in a scam, including romance scams.

In addition, NAB has a partnership with iDcare, a not for profit counselling service for people impacted by scams and/or identity theft. We also have a dedicated customer assist team who help customers experiencing complex situations, including scams.

The matter is before the industry body AFCA, so we cannot comment on the specifics of this case. We are participating and cooperating fully with AFCA’s independent process and investigation. NAB is confident that a fair and reasonable outcome will be reached for Ms de Wilt.