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Star Wars Fans Show Their Love For May The 4th. Celebrate They Must.

Star Wars fans emerge from the basement to celebrate Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you. The play on words has given Star Wars its own internationally recognised day. Fans from around the world, take today as their opportunity to share their love for one of the biggest film franchises ever.  

For those hardcore fans, they’ll stretch it out another day with Revenge of the 5th,.  

From fan art, tattoos, collectables and movie memories, we have found some of the biggest fans on Instagram sharing their passion for the force.  

If you are committed enough to the force, why not prove it with a full back tattoo, showcasing some of your favourite characters and scenes from the films.

If a tattoo is a little too permanent, and you aren’t sure if you are still going to like Star Wars before the end of the week, maybe you could opt for a much more subtle nail art detailing to show your short term love of the films.  

Of course, where would the Star Wars franchise be without its cosplay community? The fans who go that extra mile by dressing as their favourite Princess or Storm Trooper.  

For those not wanting to cosplay but like the life-size vibe of cosplay, why not take things next level and create your own life-size best friend in C3PO!  

All that costume design and prop building is going to be exhausting, though, so you’ll want to whip up some tasty Star Wars treats to get you through the day.

You don’t need to tattoo your back to show you are a fan. For those other creatives, you might be more inclined to make some fan art in the way of a photo or painting.  

And finally, those lucky enough to be near DisneyLand, head over to Galaxy’s Edge to hang with all your like-minded friends!  

Happy May the 4th!