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Space Beer On Sale In The U.S

Just when you thought you’d heard of every type of craft beer, there’s now one made from hops that’s been in space.

Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston sent 66 pounds of hops into space with the Inspiration4 crew and turned them into 'Space Craft IPA'.

In a description on its website, Samuel Adams called it 'An out-of-this world IPA made with Orbited Hops’.

The limited run is only on sale in the U.S from November 16th. Sadly, us Aussies will be stuck in the 20th century, drinking beer with un-orbited hops.

It will cost $22.33 (£16.39) for a four pack - marking the two days, 23 hours, and 3 minutes they spent in space.

What exactly does an out of this world beer taste like? Samuel Adams described it as ‘a piney and tropical beer’ with ‘notes like grapefruit, guava, and passionfruit’. Sounds more like it spent three days orbiting Hawaii.

The brewery asked social media to come up with a name and got more than 5,000 entries before settling on Space Craft. So, they managed to send hops to space, but needed 5,000 options to come up with ‘Space Craft’?

Beer in space seems to be the new frontier, with Budweiser revealing ambitious plans to brew beer in space for future colonists on Mars.

They already sent several batches of barley to the International Space Station to understand how the brewing process could happen in space. Hopefully this is all leading to one very exciting prospect; drunk aliens.