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Sorry Sarah, Rebecca, Jess & Georgia. Your Name Is No Longer Popular…

The top 20 baby names from the 90’s are nowhere to be seen in the 2021 list.

Everyone in the 20-30 age range would know a Sarah, Rebecca (or Bec), or Jess. That’s because, in the ’90s, those were the most popular names in Australia. Guys, specifically Matthew, James, Daniel and Michael, you’re not off the hook either! You also rep some of the most common names from 1996.

The only name that has managed to survive the last 25 years is good old trustworthy Jack. The government data below shows the top baby names in VIC and NSW for 1996 and 2021. Last year, Oliver hit the number one spot in both states for the boys, with Charlotte (VIC) and Amelia (NSW) for the girls.

Top 10 baby names in Victoria in 2021

1: Oliver and Charlotte

2: Noah and Olivia

3: Jack and Isla

4: Charlie and Amelia

5: Leo and Mia

6: Henry and Ava

7: William and Grace

8: Levi and Matilda

9: Thomas and Zoe

10: Archie and Willow

Top 10 baby names in Victoria in 1996

1: Matthew and Jessica

2: James and Sarah

3: Joshua and Emily

4: Daniel and Stephanie

5: Thomas and Emma

6: Jack and Georgia

7: Michael and Rebecca

8: Nicholas and Chloe

9: Benjamin and Lauren

10: Jake and Samantha

Top 10 baby names in NSW in 2021

1: Oliver and Amelia

2: Noah and Olivia

3: Jack and Charlotte

4: Henry and Isla

5: William and Ava

6: Leo and Mia

7: Lucas and Grace

8: Theodore and Chloe

9: Levi and Ella

10: Thomas and Matilda

Top 10 baby names in NSW in 1996

1: Joshua and Jessica

2: Daniel and Emily

3: James and Sarah

4: Matthew and Emma

5: Jack and Samantha

6: Thomas and Lauren

7: Nicholas and Georgia

8: Jake and Chloe

9: Luke and Rebecca

10: Michael and Stephanie