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Smell of Vegemite Has Important Heritage Value

Heritage Listing of the Port Melbourne Factory to Note the Smell

If you’ve driven anywhere near the Vegemite factory at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne it would be virtually impossible for you not to have noticed to smell of the place. It’s not just passing motorists who have taken note of the odour, but the National Trust of Australia have as well, and they want it to get a special mention in the heritage listing of the factory.

The Vegemite factory has been producing the yeasty, yeasty goodness that is Vegemite since the 1920s, and is being recognised as an important heritage place by the City of Melbourne.

Felicity Watson, at the National Trust, says the Trust asked for the smell to be included in the statement of the factory’s significance. It makes perfect sense, because odds are millions of people wouldn’t be able to tell you what the factory looks like but they can definitely give you a pretty good description of what it smells like.

The council has said that the smell will be mentioned in the site’s heritage review. No word on whether the review will also include the words that usually precede remembering you’re driving past the Vegemite factory: “Oh god, what is that stench?” Maybe the council could organise a plaque to commemorate all of those who have driven through the odour.

For anybody who hasn’t experienced the smell of the Vegemite factory it’s worth a visit when the borders open up and we can all holiday again. Forget going to an island resort, or seing nature, instead drive past the Vegemite factory, get a good whiff and experience a part of history.