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Silverchair Frontman Daniel Johns Has Checked Himself Into Rehab After 'Self Medicating' With Alcohol

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has checked himself into a rehabilitation centre, revealing he’s been ‘self-medicating’ with alcohol to deal with mental health issues.

The musician shared a statement on his Instagram on Thursday morning, explaining he had been in a car accident the day before, having become ‘lost’ while on the road and had been suffering from ‘panic attacks’.

“As you know, my mental health is a work in progress. I have good days and bad days, but it’s something I always have to manage,” Johns wrote.

“Over the last week, I began to experience panic attacks. Last night I got lost while driving and I was in an accident. I am OK, everyone is OK.

“Alongside my therapy, I’ve been self-medicating with alcohol to deal with my anxiety and depression. I know this is no sustainable or healthy.''

“I have to step back now as I’m self-admitting to a rehabilitation centre, and I don’t know how long I’ll be there. Appreciate your love and support as always.”

Industry friends, including his ex-wife Natalie Imbruglia, shared their support, saying, “Love you so much. You’ve got this.’