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Sicko Slices Her Sandwich Into Three Random Pieces

Do you cut your sandwiches like this or are you not in prison?

A man took to Reddit to post a gruesome photo of the meal his wife had prepared herself.

He felt inclined to share it with the Internet after discovering that his wife had slashed her sandwich into three pieces at random.

The Internet has many questions for this man, the first one being ‘when are you filing for divorce’?

Whether you’re a triangle person or a rectangle person there’s one thing we can all agree on, we are not whatever this lady is.

Image: Reddit

The Reddit user posted the NSFW picture of the sandwich his wife had made, showing it had been cut into three asymmetrical pieces.

Her husband outed her sadistic secret posting, “Been with my wife for nearly 30 years and she still surprises me. Today she cut her sandwich like this. Never done it like this before.”

People were quick to respond in the comments section, expressing their views on the novel dissection.

One user commented, “Never thought I'd see such chaos in something as simple as slicing a sandwich.”

Another wrote, “This looks like one of those maths puzzles where you rearrange the sandwich to be the 'same' area but end up with a bit left over.”

The most honest user commenting, ““Mark of a serial killer.”

The man who posted the original image provided an update on the sandwich-cutting process.

He explained: "She said the mother of one of her old school friends cut sandwiches like this and it just popped into her head so she went with it."

Which is how he found out that his wife’s old school friend’s mum was a murder.

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