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Shoot for the Stars Sugar Daddy Crowe

The Side Project's trash culture curator Vanessa Cryer brings us a Rusty scoop

Whilst I usually enjoy scouring celebrity websites for any stories that pique my interest, this time a source has gifted me a juicy piece of entertainment news that I just had to share.

Entertainment news, salacious gossip – tomato, tomay-toe.

This tantalising tidbit of “information” certainly sparked my curiosity, not just because it contains all of the following - sex, celebrities & money – but because I just loved being able to quote “a source”. It felt all Deep Throat - the noble Watergate kind, not the seedy porn variety.

Most of you will know someone who knows someone who has tried Internet dating. I’ve been to two weddings this year ALONE that have begun as an online relationship, & they’re some of the most successful partnerships I’ve seen. So I’m certainly never going to judge anyone who looks to the net for love. More power to you for going after what you want. Plus, I like to believe there’s a John Cusack or Tom Hanks out there for everyone, just like in Must Love Dogs or You’ve Got Mail.

Along with all the dating sites offering their services to the eligible singles out there, there are also those that set up swingers, match up married people & fix up those just looking for a fling.

So it should come as no surprise that there is now a dating website catering to the sugar daddies of the world, and the ladies who love them. Or more specifically, the ladies who want to benefit from them.

Whilst a sugar daddy was once known solely as an older gentleman who showered his lady with expensive gifts & a lavish style to which she could become accustomed (shout out to the dearly departed, Anna Nicole Smith, as one notable recipient), apparently it now describes any man over a certain age who simply have a decent income & lifestyle. Decent doesn’t quite have the same exquisite, exclusive ring to it, does it?

Maybe this is just because, thanks to the economic downturn, all the existing sugar daddies are now sad old pensioners in the Centrelink line, so I suppose they had to widen the eligibility criteria.

According to a recent online survey, a good job now comes in 2nd place as the trait most single women look for in a partner. And so the online dating services of Aluxxa.com have come to the party, offering “attractive women” a place to find a “financially secure man”. They also spruik their ability to find any 50 Shades of Wannabe a Christian Grey to call their very own.

The fine folk at Aluxxa.com must certainly think they’ve found most women’s idea of both – a successful, career driven, masculine type - and have reportedly offered Russell Crowe the staggering amount of $3 million dollars to be their brand ambassador.

You heard me - $3 million dollars. Say it with a pinky finger pointed at the corner of your mouth, a la Dr Evil.

My source tells me that papers are currently sitting with Crowe’s agent & lawyers waiting to seal the deal.

Poor guy has only been flying solo for like a day, & already he’s being courted as a spokesperson for the single sugar daddies out there. Apparently, now he’s just another male cougar on the prowl. Urban dictionary tells me a male cougar can also been known as a rhino, though I’m not really sure that’s a sexy selling point for our Gladiator.

Personally, I would LOVE for him to say yes, just to see the slogans they could come up with.

“G’day, I’m Russell – at my signal, unleash hell.”

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